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Human Potential Plus Annual Conference

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Human Potential Plus Hockey Boot camp

July 4-Aug 5, 2011

This 5 week camp is about getting into shape and learning to be mindful so that you can produce quality at will. Train at an intense high pace, building strength and mindfulness. Condtioning will consist of strength training, anaerobic training, balance, coordination, agility, and developing a strong aerobic base.

Where: YMCA Goderich, Ontario
Times: Mon-Thurs 9am-12pm
Dates: July 4 – 7, 2011
July 11 – 14, 2011
July 18 – 21, 2011
July 25 – 28, 2011
Aug 2 – 5, 2011

Cost: $400/wk or $1000/full camp
Accommodations: $300/wk

Register by calling: Brian O’Reilly 647-401-7929

Personal Training & Psychological Training also available: $60/session

“Excellence is a state of mind.”

Relationship Renovations Level 1 ,Level 2, Level  3

(Creating the relationships you need & want.)

The Relationship Renovations series is the core of Human Potential Plus trainings.

The purpose of this series is to allow people to develop an awareness of the detrimental behaviours we do that source the misery in our relationships.

The trainings give people the understanding and skills needed to free themselves of the habits that keep success and purpose from their work and home life.

The Relationship Renovations series is about growing people towards creating and maintaining relationships that are effective, responsible and full of quality.

Levels 1 – 3 examine how our genetic profile wires our brain in a way that is dangerous to our happiness success and survival.

Each level increases the depth of our understanding and the awareness of how we get in the way of our own growth, happiness, and success.

Levels 4 – 5 prepares the trainee to develop a sense of mastery in ones own life and integrate the conditions for quality into their workplace and personal life.

Levels 6 – 7 are instructor training and new beginnings for people who wish to formally teach for Human Potential Plus.

This training deals specifically with the limits of thinking and the power of insight as it means for relationship transformation.

Duration: 3 Days December 3,4,5

Location: On Lake Huron  73681 Shangri La Rd Bluewater, Ontario N0M 2T0

Cost: $600/person, 6 person minimum

To register before November 25, email:   brian@humanpotenial

Human Potential Plus

Internal Psychology  Teachers Training ( part 1 of 2 )

Prerequisite:students are asked to have levels 1 , 2 and 3 completed.
Those students wishing to teach internal psychology and be certified
with human potential plus also need to complete levels  four and five.

Participants will be asked to deepen their understanding of internal
psychology and refine their inter-personal skills.This workshop allows
people to discover their coaching style as well as broaden their
perspective of the coaching process. You will be asked to gain a
greater understanding of the process of questioning that lead people
to self-evaluation. Because self-evaluation is at the heart of
internal psychology participants will face a number of challenges and
scenarios that will help them to be more effective in dealing with the
conditions of external control they and others practice in their

When:Thursday November 25,2010 to November 28, 2010

Where:On Lake Huron 73681 Shangri La Road Blue Water Ontario N0M 2T0

Cost : 800.00

food and accommodation included

Please book your spot before November 15, 2010 by replying to

Sunday Night Group Dec 5 2010 , Jan 23  ,2011 , Feb 13  , 2011

Experience: Brian OReilly

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the human potential and the challenge of relationship. Come to Sunday night group at Vanessa and Marks house 180 St Clair east
we are meeting November 1st at 7pm bring a friend if you like. This is a whole new way of viewing human spirituality.

This is a discussion format so come and inquire into your relationships and your potential.

Cost $20.00 per person

Level 1/2 Human Potential Plus Training
Relationship Renovations: Making Relationship Work

Date: March 26,27,28, 2010

A workshop designed to deepen your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship.

This workshop looks specifically at how learning Internal Psychology can help people to gain more appreciation for each other’s differences. This three day workshop will address the basic conditioning of external psychology and how it gets in the way of having a loving, empowered, and intimate relationship.

Without relationship we lose our place in the world and any chance for happiness. In that disconnection we choose substances like drugs, alcohol, and all the brainwashing that goes with then. Truly connected people don’t need to be stoned or have a drink because they see that it adds nothing to the quality of their life – it just covers up the pain of how disconnected they are.

This workshop is about finding the courage to find each other.

Mar 26, 9 am to 430 pm Friday night group 8pm to 1030pm
Mar 27, 9 am to 430 pm
Mar 28, 9 am to 2pm

Where John & Sandy Masskant RR2 81003 Sharpe’s Creek Line
Clinton Ontario


See relationships, services,workshops for relationship renovations I-VII on site

PHONE 519-233-7005 or 647-401-7929 USA 1814-240-8575

Human Potential Plus 1ST Annual CONFERENCE

Date: August 7,8, 2009
Where: John & Sandy Maaskant’s
81003 Sharpe’s Creek Line (County Rd 31)
From Clinton, Ontario proceed west on highway 8 to County Road 31, turn right (north) go 5 km to 81003
Cost: Please give a donation to cover food and Brian’s time

Talk 1: Relationships are the mirror to which we see ourselves. Can you clean the mirror which is yourself?

Talk 2: Internal psychology is the movement towards freedom, external psychology is bondage

Talk 3: Meditation is action, planned mediation is egoism

  • The Conference begins on Friday night at 6pm with a pot luck supper – bring a main course dish
  • Talk 1 starts at 8pm
  • Saturday morning breakfast at 8am
  • Talk 2 starts at 10am
  • Lunch at 12pm
  • Closing Talk 3 at 3pm

Unhappy people evaluate other people, happy people self evaluate

Everyone is welcome, lots of room for tents

Please RSVP Or call 519 233 7005 or cell 647 401 7929

Nowadays, there are no more such limitations, and everyone is free to write as much as they need, and there are numerous examples on the internet which you could download.