How Am I to Live My Life?

April 13, 2014

When you ask the question, “How am I to live my life as a human being, when I have the pressure of earning a livelihood, raising children, and having a good marriage?”, it all seems enormous. Most of us are concerned with earning a livelihood but I’m concerned with how to live. We don’t receive any education in this direction, because our education is geared towards fitting in to the economic environment at that particular time. Most of us do the daily grind and party on the weekends because our life has become so purposeless and meaningless and everyone is really terrified to ask the question, “Is there more?” Those who asked this question at a very superficial level are looking for some magical thinking, some extraordinary spiritual experience. If not, they are still looking for some secret or esoteric teachings, and believe that they can manifest the great things to happen in their life. They never seem to understand or ask that question of how they manifest the pain in their life. This is where we are also conditioned not to look, not to find out for ourselves if we can be free from all our psychological suffering and problems.

Most people practice the psychology our forefathers practiced and was handed down thousands of years ago. The psychology of external control unfortunately prevents human beings from reaching their potential.  You see the brain is the instrument that houses our psychology.  That brain is thousands of years old and still responding with primitive instincts and reactions.  When we grew in technology and our brain was able to grasp processes like the Internet, mass media, particle physics, etcetera, we broke into a new consciousness in our brains. Our brains are in crisis because it houses the conditioning of the past. The awakening of the brain is its discovery that thinking and thought and the brain itself are just a material process. Thinking is beginning to see that it is just a limited thing but giving itself all types of qualities it doesn’t have.  Thinking wants to have special powers, and is constantly creating realities to suit its egocentric point of view, the same way old time and new time religion does.

In a human being’s search for meaning and self coming to terms with its own inadequacy and limitations, it has begun to create false realities of having super powers.  The lies of abundance and depravity from the book and movie The Secret is a true indication that people believe they have manifestation powers as an escape from the reality of their ordinary life.  As the ancients created extraordinary realities through religion to fulfill their meaningless and purposeless lives, mainstream media are doing the same by creating fantasies, vampires, witchcraft, mind powers, etcetera.

All this prevents human beings from truly gaining an understanding of what it means to live a spiritual life and flowering as a human being. This flowering begins by seeing things as they are and looking deeply into oneself and one’s daily relationship with people and things in your world. The crisis is in your own consciousness is your own daily relationships and removing all external psychology and living from internal psychology, which is the message behind all religion.  The only thing that can set human beings free is themselves. They must be earnest about breaking all illusion and seeking truth. Truth is a living thing and there is no path to it. Every living thing in nature knows this and lives it. Human beings are the only creature on the planet that invent realities to suit their purpose and exploit, kill, and massacre, in the name of religion. We are so conditioned to be Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, or nationalistic.  We don’t see that a truly spiritual person wouldn’t even participate in those movements.

In our daily lives we are at war with the people and attached to the things we have got, and the fight with that creates our conflict and our brutality. It is one planet, one people, and one purpose, which is to get along help those in need and find a way to live in harmony with mother Earth.

Coach Bri

One Potential Beyond Thinking

December 14, 2009

Everything has potential but there is one potential that human beings have that is not the product of thinking or thought. You can’t come to it with the practice of yoga or rituals or sacraments. It is not found through any buzz or chemical intake. This potential is straight potential, without direction or influence. It can’t be practiced or cultivated. It is not found in a book unless it wants to be. It can leave a mark in a painting, sculpture, or poem if examined by simplicity and free from the cultivated intellect of the art critic. It is without cause and can affect anything it wants to yet no one or no thing can go to it. It moves all yet can’t be moved. These simple words are not it. It says write yet hides in what is written. This potential has love and compassion as its children. It holds when all else breaks, it is also full and deeply empty. From this potential we sprang and to it we fall. It beats life and death in the same stroke. It cannot be used, or corrupted.

Coach bri

Distracted from the Central Question

October 17, 2008

It was a warm October afternoon and the trees were at the pinnacle of their color. The contrast between the evergreens and the orange, red and yellow trees was so gentle on the eyes. Every once in a while, a gust of wind would pass through the trees and send the leaves falling of the earth. Each leaf had a dance of their own but they fell with such grace and dignity. At the end of their life they fell from the thing that gave them life to the ground, to become a source of life for the Earth. Everything in nature seems to have its own intelligence and psyche. Everything seems to fulfill its potential with such grace and beauty. In the sunroom there were hundreds of ladybugs making their journey up and down the window in an endless cycle. Every so often they would meet a fly and then they would move around each other as not to interfere. Even here, in the life of insects, there seemed to be an intelligence or understanding that allowed each to exist together and share the same window.

Human beings tend to make everything into enormous affair. We are so cluttered with all the things of thinking it is almost impossible for us to understand or have compassion for anyone or anything. Over the last six weeks mankind’s greed has come to a pinnacle. The mortgage fiasco in the United States and the billion-dollar bailouts paid by governments will again only operate in the interests of the rich. The division between rich and the poor is forever widening and now both the Canadian and American elections, full of hypocrisy, move away from the central question of how the government will lead people out of poverty. We all have heard that the source of good government is its ability to take care of its weakest member. In today’s politics and economic greed, the external psychology of human beings keeps the poor from finding bridges out of poverty.

I have received a ton of e-mails lately from people asking me to comment on the mortgage fiasco and the election. I am really intrigued why people want to know what I think. What really matters is what they think. What is at the root of their thoughts and actions? I don’t see myself as a very political person. But I have answered these questions as best as I can. Politics, religion, sports and fashion are just distractions. If we are not involved heavily in any one of these four, we are probably involved in other entertainments. Why is it that we need to be so entertained! Is it because through these entertainments we are kept away from the central question? Are we as human beings reaching our potential? Very few people are really interested in their own transformation.

Coach bri