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April 22, 2014


The Self and Its Sense of Superiority

June 21, 2011

Self, the ego, is a limited thing that gives quality to itself that it simply doesn’t possess. It is always wanting something in one moment and can in a few short moments want something completely the opposite. Self is always in contradiction and hides in a sense of superiority when it is found out for the lie and contradiction that it is. This sense of being superior is embedded in the fabric from which self is made, which is from experience, memory, and knowledge, which form a thought. Thought is always bound by time and anything that is put together by thought is time and therefore limited. This limiting process that thought is based on that self is nothing more than beliefs sustained by self’s identification with the very beliefs it has built, which is calls faith. Faith breeds a sense of superiority and in this process finds meaning and purpose, which has always lead to conflict and war. Be it the war in a marriage or with a child or against two countries, self-interest and a sense of being right is how ego/self keeps the damage going. Only where self is not love and beauty are. That process is seeing what self is and all the conflict it inflicts in oneself and another and ending it. That is the highest form of intelligence and the birth of compassion.


Life Coaching with Brian O’Reilly

February 24, 2009

Relationship is the most important process of our life; it is the source of all happiness.

In a world where we are educated to earn a livelihood, we have forgotten how to live and get along with the people in our life the way we want and need to. This is the source of all the personal psychological problems. We have been conditioned to think we are weak and the process of trying to become something is slowly eroding our intelligence. Therefore we think happiness comes in letters after your name or in what you own or the size of your bank account. We have been taught to hate, to discriminate, and think we are different than other creatures of the earth, and now we have cultivated a sense of entitlement. We have being conditioned to think we are the most important and entitled to anything we want without any ramifications.

The psyche of human beings is entangled with knowledge, creating a self that seeks to acquire outside points of reference like religions, political associations, educational credentials and culture. The self, which is a process of accumulation, from conditioning external to us, has given us the impression it is an internal movement. The importance placed on these external movements has formed people’s personal identity thus we are attached to them and the horrors they instill. We are educated to have beliefs, opinions, and ideals, which we ram down people’s throats in all situations where we don’t get along. This source of not getting along is the practice of the external control psychology or self, ego, that
1. reacts to information
2. blames situations and others when we are unhappy
3. evaluates others when we are the ones who are miserable,
4. imposes on others what we think is best for them, which is the knowledge that creates a self.

Remedy: In every situation, practice dying to external control and practice internal psychology.

1. See your attachment to external psychology, which is the self.

Your are not the car you drive, the house you own, the letters after your name, the position you hold in the firm, the size of your bank account, the clothes you wear and you are not your religious or non-religious beliefs. Your political associations do not define you, your behavior does. Thus the phrase: “Get over yourself!”.

2. Don’t buy into the idea that information makes your behave! You are always in control of everything you do. Even when you lose it, you have chosen your behavior.

3. The common denominator in all of your human misery and pain is what you are thinking and doing in the moment that it occurs, so change you.

4.Don’t be an expert in anyone else’s life, just your own. You only know what is best for you.

Coach Bri

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Staying With Ego Without Reaction

November 11, 2008

It was with me for several days. The walk in the cool damp air or watching a movie, or any distraction I tried could rescue me from my self. The I was front and center, feeling the mercy of my own condition. Self was strong and doing everything it could to keep itself alive. The mind was simply perceiving what the brain’s occupation is, was, and will always be – hiding from the fact of its mechanical limitation, imposed by its own self-centered thinking. One wanted something and the brain was driven to distraction and still is.

When the brain caught a hold of it’s own self-centered movement of trying to put meaning to the state one was in, fear of death arose. This too needs to be watched for fear is self, ego, meeting the illusion of its own making. The brain then began to demand pleasure and wanting another distraction again – sex, food, comparison, or some petty belief about itself.

Nothing in nature is ambitious, but thought is always trying to become something as a means to find some security. Everything must be held, and paid attention to. As the evening slowly dies I sit by the fire and listen to the soft music. Yes, just another distraction.

Coach bri

A Cool Spring Morning

April 13, 2008

It was a cool spring morning, full of the anticipation of warmer weather. The earth was softening and the leeks were springing through the spoil. The black moist earth looked and smelled rich and great for growing. The soil seemed to shine and enjoy the intensity of the sun’s warmth. All the earth was waking up from a cold winter of snow and wind. The birds had not yet returned yet standing dignified in the full and expanding stream was a blue heron. It was still, silent and graceful and it had the patience of that old worn creek. It was there doing its thing, waiting for a small fish or insect to float by and with great precision and adequacy it picked its meal.

As one walked along the meadow, and enjoyed the smell and peace of nature, thought was found in no place. Only compassion from the earth and one’s being seemed to join together. It was not to be experienced because then it would come out of comparison. Joy seemed to be everywhere, beginning and ending at the same time. The large maple was a buzz of activity and sap flies were all around it. Off near a large rock one could see the warmth of the sun as it melted the snow. All around the rock on the north side icicles had formed. If you got close with the camera and looked through the lens it was as if you were looking at a mountain. The hanging icicles looked so cold and yet a small bug would see this place as a large mountain in a desolate ice field. Life always is full on, and yet very few people investigate what living is all about.

We seem to be consumed with what happens after death. How can we possibly understand death if we have not fully understood life? So most of our life is a movement of self-centeredness. We try to get as much pleasure as we can, never seeing that the demand for pleasure increases our pain and suffering and for most, suffering and escaping from it has become our main occupation.

We have a tremendous need to be entertained. When our entertainments are denied, we are angry and frightened.

For most of us, living is getting an education so that we can get a job and work, to buy the pleasure we think we want and need. Pleasure has never been the route to happiness. It has set up in us the source of contradiction within. One moment we want one thing and the next moment another. This movement is the self or ego in action. There is no end to self-centered action – only pleasure pain and the need to again fulfill one’s own self-centered activity that leads again to this feeling of being unsatisfied. And again we are off pursuing another desire. Living is a huge field to explore but for most we are only involved in a small little field. Our brains are dominated by thought and all the things thought has put together.

Thought is responsible for many great innovations, like technology, but thought will never be able to create a mountain or a flower. Nature is not the product of thought, it can only describe it. Life is one continuous movement from birth and the beginning of thinking and then death and the ending of thinking. Just because thought ends, that doesn’t mean life is over. Life is more than thought playing itself out, based on how it has conditioned and set patterns and grooves, which is the center of self. When the mind is free from all the movements of self, living and dying are of little consequence.

Coach bri