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An analogy of the self


9:37 pm
Nov 16, 2009



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Post edited 2:38 am – Nov 17, 2009 by pl1602

Just wanted to suggest an alternative to Brian's analogy that one's
image of self is a balloon.  The way I am experiencing it, I feel it
as more like a sheet of bubble-wrap with lots of individual cells to

– Teresa

9:39 pm
Nov 16, 2009



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Post edited 2:41 am – Nov 17, 2009 by pl1602
Post edited 2:43 am – Nov 17, 2009 by pl1602

Yes it is interesting Teresa. I don't remember talking about a balloon. One of the actions of self is to bounce  this off our own experience. If we fall off a step and twist our ankle we don't put that into analogy.  However with psychological things we self reference to possibly avoid the truth. Can I listen to you and get what you are saying?  Yes I see how you experience the popping of self. But when you pop the cell the shell remains. Therefore still the center remains. So are we talking about the same thing? I question that.  Just because the question must be asked. Nothing  personal,  just inquiring therefore everything is personal I guess!
Lov ya,

9:12 pm
Nov 18, 2009




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