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Teacher’s are tired.


12:25 am
Mar 08, 2008



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So I know I’m new to this teaching thing, and I am enjoying teaching immensely. However, I am struggling with some of the things that I hear and things that I see. I am seeing that teachers are tired, and the kids are taking the brunt of it.

 I see why teachers are tired, and how difficult it is to provide the attention to the many kids that need it based on the number of kids we have.

I see that teachers need support.

I am seeing that I want to give up on the kids that need me the most because i can get away with it and it is easier on me. I am also seeing that there is an element to teaching that seems to either be missing or forgotten as far as it’s relevance to teaching. The element of the relationship. I am constantly overhearing and learning of threats and bullying as teaching tactics. Regardless of the teachers effectiveness in using these tactics to persuade students to do their work, the one thing I know is effective, is it’s effectiveness in killing their relationship with that student. I know this because they have come to me hurt and tearing.

I am not in a position of power, and I don’t want to be felt as if I am in a position of power. I vow to always choose the relationship over the content in the curriculum. What is important to me is the development of the person.

With that said, I also struggle with my ego. And how I am going to be seen by *other" teachers. For some reason it keeps coming up that its somehow important to me. *smirk* Ya…let’s drop that one Ang.

11:20 am
Mar 11, 2008




Teaching is definitly an ‘overlooked’ profession. Many times people have come to me and say…. " yes, you are so lucky, must be easy to have 2 months off, along with christmas and march break".

 Yes, it is pretty cool that we have this time off, but in many other ways we NEED it. We need it to rejuvinate, to recollect, and to reconnect ourselves with the meaning of our job. The thing with teaching is that it is what you make of it. You can easily cruise through the year, just teaching out of the curriculum and cross each expectation off one by one.

 However, sometimes I also find myself saying… okay…. what do these kids really need? Sometimes you just gotta stop and have a heart-to-heart chat with these buggers and show a bit of your passion of why you got into this profession in the first place. 

 What is our goal anyways for these students? Do we want students who just follow what people tell them to do? Do they really need to know all these math formulas today? What ever happened to teaching our students about character… humbleness, honesty, fairness, loyalty, ……

How are we moulding these students?

9:05 am
Mar 21, 2008




The word education means to draw out, not to stuff in . Education today has lost most of its meaning and is about having people fitting into the economic pattern of society.
Education that is whole is about bringing about in students a sense of wholeness. In this society we bring about only fragmentation and all the problems that go with it. We educate people to have religion, nationality and self image which only leads to envy and violence. If we really cared about our children, we would finish with all war and all the images and identifications that separate people . We would have classrooms that were about connecting to the students as people, and learning to get along would be of the greatest importance. The school would be free of all punishment and evaluation that wasn't student driven . Teachers are tired because they can't teach the way of love and compassion because they themselves are burdened with their own fear,envy, greed and getting ahead. There are some great teachers who are relationship masters and only through relationship can you reach another. And that is something that is beyond the scope of academia. Until we educate the hearts of students, the mind of them will be twisted. The only way to educate the heart is by practicing with them an internal psychology which removes all the boss management habits that robs the energy of both teacher and student.


5:36 pm
Dec 07, 2008




Some teachers are waiting for the punishment pendulum to swing back the other way again so they can “put the fear back into students.” I remember my first day teaching. I met an – at first overwhelmingly – bossy 7 year old girl nick-named “Lion.” A tired teacher whispered to me “Doesn’t it make you want to slap her?” And tired me said “Yes.”

Charlie was a 6 year old student of mine who’d always ask eagerly when the next big test was coming up so he could prove himself. I watched him one day as he licked his lips, grabbed the test, sat down, took a look at it… didn’t understand and started to cry. I don’t remember what I said to him but he eventually went back to the test, finished it before anyone else and scored 100%.

I play music quietly and someone says “That’s good!” I start to play louder with a big smile on my face.

When everyone in my grade 10 math class got the solution to a problem except R., the teacher said disappointed and surprised “I made this problem just for you!” And from then on he gave up completely.

You say “I am seeing that I want to give up on the kids that need me the most because i can get away with it and it is easier on me.” Are you just struggling with whom to focus your energy on sometimes? Have you ever had a student who wanted you to give up on her or him? I have to let the punks at the back fend for themselves while I connect with the rest of the class, and hope that once these folks will be rocking out, the punks will want to rock out as well. Yeah they drag the class pace down and steal my thunder. But they are also a test and an opportunity. If you have any little wins with them that's something to celebrate. They may not look you in the eye and admit it but there is that much needed satisfaction and I'd you hope that you'd be a good tired for it.

A young developmentally disabled boy found himself playing baseball and always swinging and missing. But this time, to his surprise, he hit the ball… thought for a second… -and then ran ran ran to first base. The pitcher scooped the ball off the grass and purposely tossed it over the head of the first baseman. The crowd started to call out for the boy to run to second, and then to third, another fumble with the ball and everyone was screaming for the boy to run home. It was an in-field homerun. It was an opportunity to bring the best out in everyone.

I'd like myself and my students struggle along more gamely.

Performance gone wrong.

A man was going to sing the song Shout by Tears for Fears for karaoke at a packed bar/restaurant when a different song named Shout came on. It was obvious the man didn’t know the song at all but he tried to sing/narrate it in a low growly voice anyway. By the end, people he’d never met before with tears of laughter in their eyes came up to shake his hand thanking him.

Ah you know I wrestle with how I am going to be seen by other teachers too. I wear these silly suit jackets that make it annoying to raise my arms above shoulder level. It’s a bit of compensation for still not remembering how to tie a tie. And hey don’t say “let’s drop that one Ang” – it almost takes value away from your truths. I get this Jonathan Livingston Seagull feel from Bri and Angie here so thank you for kindling the fires.

11:39 pm
Dec 17, 2008



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Hey hey lief…

i think you may have misunderstood me…

when i was saying “let's drop that one”…i was referring to my ego…

if i really cared about my students, the image of how other teachers see me would never get in the way…

ang :)

10:22 am
Jun 03, 2011

Jake Roth



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