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Help…from a basketball player….


12:34 am
Nov 03, 2009



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Hi Bri,

Can you please give some advice to one of my students who is having a hard time with her basketball. She gave me permission to post what she is feeling and would like some help. From you or anyone else out there.

Here is an exerpt from her email to me…


From email #1

heres the thing, i have a bad temper now! i get pissed so easy.. and on top that i hate are high school coach.. shes so grrr!! drives me crazy, and sometimes at practise i wanna punch her.. and this old lady favors ppl, shes so two faced.. a certain 2 ppl are pissing me off.. well they r pissing most of the team off too.. i get so mad sometimes at miss, dat i start slacking and dont work as hard..n another thing that gets to me is that she always discourages me and makes it seem like i aint getting nowhere.. its like she has something againist me.. I honestly wanna punch her..but i no i cant..
And another getting to me is that I cant perform, i have all the skills, a sexy shot a amazing handle that rarely any girls have.. but in a game i cant so useless.. and its driving me unnoee wuh to do? how to perform.. 
i really wanna shoot her.. man o man.. and this dark tunnel of a place we call world is full of assholes that break your trust.. argg


From email #2

my house life is way worse than it was before.. my doesnt talk to me, its been three months.. i hate my mom side of the family bcuz its all there fault..
friends are great, me and my best friend fight like crazy thoo..
schools hard, alot of stress since its my last year hopefully.. and den mr saddiq always being on me.. and if im late to one class and not in uniform im off the team.. things are serious..i h8 him so much!!!!!! hes always yelling at me.. 
basically i have control over almost everything i do.. i think.. maybe? 


Thank Bri and anyone else that can help.


6:48 pm
Nov 06, 2009




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