November 30, 2011

I enjoy driving in a light rain without using the windshield wiper because it remains me of Christmas or waking from a pleasant dream.

I enjoy long runs in the desert when I have to focus so intensely on the placement of my feet so that I forget I am running and my mind is so quiet.

I enjoy waking up holding hands with my wife, knowing that we found each other even in our dreams.

I enjoy the belly laughter of children when they are at play and not disturbed by the expectations of adults.

I enjoy sitting in a canoe on a quiet lake, watching the fish jump for insects that land on the top of the water.

I enjoy listening to music with long spaces between the notes and how each note has its own mood and charm just because it’s a note.

I enjoy watching people who are good at what they do and don’t know it. There seems to be a sense of purity in skill that is performed without intention, just response.

I enjoy the company of women and men who are not locked into their gender and feel their way through things and express freely their uncertainty about anything.

I enjoy long walks among flowers, trees, and rocks and the silence when all thought stops and I am alone in nothingness.



Coach bri