Creative awareness

March 31, 2020

It was a very quiet evening, sitting in the wing chair on the front porch, there seem to be a stillness in the earth. Every once in a while I would hear a creek in the old house and it would grab my attention. Then my mind would become again silent without any movement. When thought remains quiet, not through any practice of meditation or will creative awareness operates. Thinking whatever thoughts one thinks is a process of language created by experience, memory and is always limited. Creative awareness which is love, it is not a movement of thinking and is without limit. Thinking is always trying to find an answer, and the self is always active trying to keep itself in motion by constantly judging, comparing, analyzing as a means to understand. Understanding only breaks out in the brain if is quiet and perceiving the totality of the situation. Self with all its content, its images is always trying to put things in a way that fulfils its own prejudice. To be free of one’s own prejudice is one of the most difficult things to do especially in relationship. The ego self with all its problems is always trying to hide from the conflict that it has created and then denies it! Not being able to solve the problems in one’s daily living the disordered brain cascades into dreams. Dreaming is the brain trying to bring order into itself and if it can’t one is unable to sleep. If we have not understood our daily living and watch our inner ugliness and brutality or our self interest the source of our disorders is carried into our sleep. Rather than waking up rejuvenated one wakes up and feels exhausted. Analyzing dreams becomes another tomfoolery of the intellect! That intellect is just a more refined respectable version of the ego self. However clever it may be,it disguises the disorder that it causes through arrogance and feeling of superiority. It is the well educated, the experts who have taken humanity on its present course. However brilliant one may be that does not lead to wisdom! Wisdom is create awareness in motion without direction or motive. It is a movement that build and rebuilds connection without the effort of self interest. Knowledge is valuable in technological things that brings forth innovation, and all knowledge is rooted in the pass through the present and is useful when it is preceded by love and compassion. Without love, compassion and creative awareness our daily lives become a contradiction. As nightfall deepens the little porch takes on a chill. The body needing warmth becomes restless and soon thought rushes in and the chattering of thought starts up again!

How Am I to Live My Life?

April 13, 2014

When you ask the question, “How am I to live my life as a human being, when I have the pressure of earning a livelihood, raising children, and having a good marriage?”, it all seems enormous. Most of us are concerned with earning a livelihood but I’m concerned with how to live. We don’t receive any education in this direction, because our education is geared towards fitting in to the economic environment at that particular time. Most of us do the daily grind and party on the weekends because our life has become so purposeless and meaningless and everyone is really terrified to ask the question, “Is there more?” Those who asked this question at a very superficial level are looking for some magical thinking, some extraordinary spiritual experience. If not, they are still looking for some secret or esoteric teachings, and believe that they can manifest the great things to happen in their life. They never seem to understand or ask that question of how they manifest the pain in their life. This is where we are also conditioned not to look, not to find out for ourselves if we can be free from all our psychological suffering and problems.

Most people practice the psychology our forefathers practiced and was handed down thousands of years ago. The psychology of external control unfortunately prevents human beings from reaching their potential.  You see the brain is the instrument that houses our psychology.  That brain is thousands of years old and still responding with primitive instincts and reactions.  When we grew in technology and our brain was able to grasp processes like the Internet, mass media, particle physics, etcetera, we broke into a new consciousness in our brains. Our brains are in crisis because it houses the conditioning of the past. The awakening of the brain is its discovery that thinking and thought and the brain itself are just a material process. Thinking is beginning to see that it is just a limited thing but giving itself all types of qualities it doesn’t have.  Thinking wants to have special powers, and is constantly creating realities to suit its egocentric point of view, the same way old time and new time religion does.

In a human being’s search for meaning and self coming to terms with its own inadequacy and limitations, it has begun to create false realities of having super powers.  The lies of abundance and depravity from the book and movie The Secret is a true indication that people believe they have manifestation powers as an escape from the reality of their ordinary life.  As the ancients created extraordinary realities through religion to fulfill their meaningless and purposeless lives, mainstream media are doing the same by creating fantasies, vampires, witchcraft, mind powers, etcetera.

All this prevents human beings from truly gaining an understanding of what it means to live a spiritual life and flowering as a human being. This flowering begins by seeing things as they are and looking deeply into oneself and one’s daily relationship with people and things in your world. The crisis is in your own consciousness is your own daily relationships and removing all external psychology and living from internal psychology, which is the message behind all religion.  The only thing that can set human beings free is themselves. They must be earnest about breaking all illusion and seeking truth. Truth is a living thing and there is no path to it. Every living thing in nature knows this and lives it. Human beings are the only creature on the planet that invent realities to suit their purpose and exploit, kill, and massacre, in the name of religion. We are so conditioned to be Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, or nationalistic.  We don’t see that a truly spiritual person wouldn’t even participate in those movements.

In our daily lives we are at war with the people and attached to the things we have got, and the fight with that creates our conflict and our brutality. It is one planet, one people, and one purpose, which is to get along help those in need and find a way to live in harmony with mother Earth.

Coach Bri

coachbri I am in a difficult place full of anxiety, I can’t seem to get my mind out of this negative thought process can you help?

January 27, 2014


When you see that your mind is fragmented and it is always looking for new angles and new things to think up, your mind will continue to be out-of-control. You yourself must take full responsibility for your own internal life. What is the difference to be preoccupied with one problem of sex or another problem of whether you love Your girlfriend or whether you want to your sport  or thinking you’re a turnup. The whole futility of existence is created by thinking, thought moving in any direction is pointless and self-centered but it is the only thing that thought knows to do. This is the prison in which you are caught. The only way out of the prison is to see that trying to get out of the prison is the problem. To understand that you are the maker of the prison in which you yourself are caught is awareness that awareness is the ending of the prison. Most people believe they are their thinking process they identify who they are with their thoughts. Obviously you are not your thinking process just because you think you are Wayne Gretzky that doesn’t make you Wayne Gretzky. Thinking is always cunning and clever.  If I told you to stop thinking about pink elephants right away the only thing you would be thinking about is pink elephants. Thinking has it’s place only in technological matters and solving technological problems. The fact that thought is always chattering shows us that we have no space inside ourselves to understand ourselves and  in a confused state. Thought has built the prison of it’s own making called the self. That self is the accumulation of experience memory and knowledge stored in the brain that is always active and moving. Whenever one pays full attention to the thinking process without trying to change thinking slows down and will stop. Please do not take my word for it, try it and sees what happens. In the observation of thought, thought stops! To listen profoundly to what thought is doing and at the same time be aware of what is happening outside of you is the beginning of meditation. That meditation is the actuality of being present to what is happening within and without. You cannot practice this because any practice of this is just an action of thought to keep itself active, and the root to all of our problems. The art of awareness is to constantly be attentive to the fact that you are not aware, so that every thought as it arises is seen for what it is it’s origin it’s flowering and conclusion. Only when is the brain quiet so that the mind can act. That mind is not a personal mind, that mine is universal uncontaminated by the thinking process available to everyone. Very few people are interested in all this because they have to give up all of their assumptions and beliefs to discover a single truth. That anything thought creates is disorderly when it is outside the field of technology.

Every generation blames the one before!

January 16, 2013

Internal psychology

If you are to ask yourself what is the difference in a person who is really happy and person who isn’t what would your answer be? How do we know that we are any happier or less happy than the generation before us? What is this thing called happiness? One fact is for sure that when you are happy you don’t sit around try to find reasons why you are! You are simply caught up in that state of being! To understand happiness and how elusive it is I think we have to turn away from it and begin to understand what is human misery. When are we most miserable in our lives? Well I’m a human being and when I’m most miserable or unhappy it’s because I cannot get along with people in my life the way I want to and need to. Those key people are my wife and children close friends. It seems however i am able to stay happier with my friends more so than with my wife and children, for some reason my friends are easier to get along with. Maybe this is because they don’t live with me and have to put up with all my faults. But there’s also something else going on. And I wonder if anyone notices!


When you look at a human being there are two movements going on. One is a movement that is brain-based and the other is a movement that is mind based. The source of human misery is linked to conflict in our lives. And I believe that this conflict in our life is directly related to the activity of our brain. When we are unhappy is because there is a conflict going on inside of us and we have harmed or someone else has harmed a relationship that we or they find very valuable. They harm that relationship by choosing to behave in such a way, that disconnects people from each other for all kinds of “reasons”. One of the most ridiculous things we do in our life and it happens everywhere is whenever there’s a crisis or something drastic or even something good happens to a person, we take this mystical approach that “things happen for a reason”. What the hell does that mean? Of course everything happens for reasons, known or unknown but that’s not the point. When we harm a human relationship it is because we are practicing the brain psychology of external control. This external controlled psychology is the downfall, the fallen state, the poison that is the source of our psychological pain. You and I have been so deeply conditioned by external psychology that we are unaware that we practice it, strengthen it, and it cripples us.


All the past generations have blamed the previous generation for all the mistakes they have made that are causing the present generation their problems. We do not see that 5000 years ago human beings psychologically suffered from the same problems that people today suffer with. The common denominator between  human beings 5000 year ago and human beings today is the way we suffer psychologically. If you look in your life you have the greatest difficulty getting along with the people in your life the way you want to and need to. When you’re able to do that you’re pretty happy, but when you’re not your life falls apart you lose all sense of meaning and purpose. This is the power of human relationship because we are gregarious creatures we want to hang around other people and celebrate life with them. We can’t seem to do this as a nation nor could we do it as a tribe. They were always tribes fighting other tribes like other  nations fighting other nations.  Each person regardless of which generation had a psyche that was ruled by fear, greed, inadequacy, loneliness, insecurity, jealousy, envy, and so many other emotional states. These emotional states are all the products of thought.  When thought is worried about the future it’s in a state of fear. That fear breeds greed that greed breeds insufficiency or inadequacy that feeds our psychological insecurity and then we become aggressive or depressed. If you become aggressive that leads to greater social problems. If you become depressed that leads to a different set of problems. Depression is the emotional state, where people will engage a depressed person to see if they can help. But the aggressive or violent emotional state disconnects people further, because all people are generally afraid of angry aggressive people. But what’s really important to remember is that all these emotional states are created by the process of thinking which is a movement in the brain. This brain has been conditioned by external control psychology and is thousands of years old. We are actually living with a very old brain that is dominated by thinking.




The other part of a human being is the process called mind! When we are in our right mind we are practicing a different psychology. This psychology is the psychology of relationship, intelligence, compassion, love. The difficulty is is you just can’t get into this psychology or into your right mind through any action of thinking. It takes a very different  approach to create the environment for mind to act. The brain with the use of thinking creates all kinds of illusions about oneself and everything around oneself. It is the master of illusion and the Eastern world calls it the ego mind, but it’s not part of mind. We have been conditioned from childhood to give thinking and that movement of the brain tremendous importance. Giving thinking the importance we do we have created identity with the thinking process and most people think they are their thoughts. But you are not your thoughts you are much deeper than your thoughts. I want to use a metaphor to bring this out. Your brain is nothing more than a bundle of memories, some connected and some not as connected. Imagine an ocean and the content of the ocean is the water and energy passing through the water creates waves. That is what your brain is like! The memory cells are a material process and energy passing through the content of memory cells creates thoughts. Most of us can steer our thoughts in many directions. But if you are unhappy because of a broken relationship or relationships your thoughts are in chaos and you can’t stop yourself from thinking in any direction. This doesn’t mean you have a mental disorder, like the pharmaceutical industry wants you to think! Because when you are happy and getting and giving the love you need from the people you need it from your thinking is not as hard on you.

So the question then becomes is there on an alternative! I believe there is but first we have to understand the state we are in or more important the prison that were in the prison of the brain. The important part of this is to break all allusions about oneself, and understand the process of what external psychology is an dismantlement through that understanding. This I will talk about in the next writing.



The Heart and Soul of Affairs

July 5, 2012

Affairs happen. They are a part of human behaviour. As painful as they are, they can be a catalyst for a better relationship and a deeper marriage. If we are at all serious about our lives, understanding is a prerequisite for a loving, intimate, and sexually charged marriage.

Most people have affairs because there is too much external psychology going on in the relationship. External psychology is about trying to control the other person by behaving in such a way using criticism, humiliation, guilt, bribes, fear, punishment, or any other of the controlling behaviors to get them under your control. When a person practices these behavior habits they are shooting themselves in the foot and eventually will kill any intimacy within the relationship. Intimacy is the key ingredient in any relationship. It is about being sensitive and respondent too another in a way that seeks understanding and quality for both people or things in relationship to each other.

Women tend to seek intimacy through the process of communication of feelings and emotions from and in a relationship. They then feel they are loved and belong with that person. Men tend to seek sex as a means to having that sense of loving and belonging. This difference between men and women leads to them choosing to be critical with each other, which in turn kills all passion between the couple. The problem then is compounded because a man’s need for sex is part of his survival need and he finds it easy to have sex without any intimacy at all. Men sexually are visual creatures, and that is why when a man has an orgasm, his eyes are open. He is hardwired for this and then within moment after his orgasm he slowly opens his eyes and heart to the being women is. With his eyes closed it is an internal experience – the release for him is seen as pressure removed and he can then relax and get more emotional. Women, on the other hand, orgasm with their eyes closed – a very internal process. Then as it descends her emotions release and come to the surface. Here the man and the women are two very different creatures yet make up one whole.

It is that wholeness through sex or other challenges that real intimacy between people, men and women, breaks out. Notice please that I used the word “breaks out” because you can’t fake intimacy!  Without it one feels a great sense of disconnection between you and your partner and then this leads to the practice of external psychology and the habits that cripple the relationship.


Coach bri

The Questioning Series: Why Is Living So Difficult?

November 30, 2011

The fact is that most of us are not concerned about how we live. We are most involved in how to earn a living.  These are two different conditions, one of which is a pure brain activity. And the other is a brain activity with a far deeper, more sensitive and insightful existence. Part of this is the true activity of the mind which is universal, a deeper process that is connection with out effort. Because we are so concerned with making a living, we are cut off from the other because one cannot have one foot in peace and the other in war.

The animal kingdom is not at war amongst itself or its own species. We are the only creature on the planet doing that. The animals don’t strive to reach their potential – they live into it. They are all they can be! Humankind, on the other hand, live mostly in envy and therefore they are constantly consuming things to cover up their inner inadequacy. That is why death is viewed upon as the great inadequacy and feared more than anything else. Nothing in nature dies without beauty and grace – just human beings.

Filling our hearts with the things of the mind to cover up our impoverished state, we have lost the feeling for what it means to live. Living is a moment of joy and bliss. When in my daily activity I can be what I am fully, with a mind that is raptured in a state of attention, not in judgment or like and dislike. That attention has the quality of love. When one loves life one isn’t trying to be anything or become anything. What matters is living itself, freedom to explore life and be blown away by its beauty and ugliness.  When the brain and the mind are free from the false security of what thought has built, then living flowers because one is not concerned for oneself but the concern for the one and the many.

Death comes to all of us, as did living. What we learn here effects the next generation by either decreasing or increasing their burden, as the previous generations have imposed their burden on you. Living is short, death is eternal but most die having never lived. We are creative beings and that creativity is life itself, longing for itself and the source of all happiness. To make a living and forget how to live is like being creative with primitive tools that have no value to meet the present challenge. Living is meditation when one is in tune with an order not made by thought or knowledge. Living is a movement that embraces death with open arms, how difficult it is to live.


Coach bri

The Disorder of Selfishness

November 7, 2011

Selfishness is pretty well known but not very well understood by most people.  We are so good at finding selfishness in others because we ourselves are full of selfishness, pretending or covering up what we are. We dislike people who have the same weaknesses or flaws that we do. We can criticize them so easily because any flaw a person has we recognize in ourselves, which is another level of self-ness.

Self-ness and selfishness are two different things.  Self-ness is a process of thought and conditioning that is our tendency in situations.  Selfishness is the meeting of one’s own needs regardless of how they affect others. In all situations it is putting one self first, taking the best because one knows it is the best or is the thing that most people want. Self is always rooted in envy, because to be envied is deeply gratifying to self. That is why one longs for fame because in fame one thinks fame will end one’s deep insecurity and inadequacy.  Selfishness is the art of getting one’s own way by so many means. It will take a variety of approaches or no approach, as it cunningly pays attention to the situation and the self-ness of the other. Selfishness is good at reading situations for one’s own self-interest or even promoting someone’s interest, if in the end it gets what one wants. This is often called good business and is how the world works.

In any relationship, self-interest or selfishness will always destroy the couple or team when it is not addressed or excused because a person has a gift or talent and is therefore tolerated. Tolerance in any form is hidden intolerance and eventually will act as a cancer and poison the environment and create deeper problems between the two or the many. Selfishness in our society is accepted and nourished in most aspects of living. Because it is external psychology (the psychology of disconnection) it is rampant and we resort to it whenever self cannot get its way. The habits of external psychology are then used to gain control of the situation or person we practice it on and deeper damage is done that divides human beings.

Human beings are the only animal on the planet that, out of selfishness, will kill every living creature so they can have what they want.  Out of selfishness we form beliefs, dogma, and ideologies and kill others who threaten them. Self is always trying to be something. Whatever it sees itself as being, it lives into and it will kill for on so many levels.

Is it not about time we start to see the importance of being nothing? That nothing is holding the whole world and universe together. To be empty of self means to cooperate without self trying to control and dominate. Self, which is a product of thought, is never without motive or seeking some sort of satisfaction. To love another without motive or payoff is to have a mind that is truly innocent. As long as self dominates and runs the show, the awakening to a different movement is impossible.  Self is always giving itself qualities that it doesn’t possess and therefore it cannot be innocent. Self is always seeking something – seeking after enlightenment or God or the perfect experience or the perfect man or women, all of which is to seek under one’s own prejudice.  That prejudice will in fact be projections of one’s own mind and therefore a creation of selfishness. What is selfish is exclusive and love and compassion are of a completely different quality and will be inclusive. Selfishness and virtue cannot exist together, for a virtuous person could never recognize their own virtue. If they did it would be an egoism.

To see all this is in itself, and to understand it, is to free the mind from selfishness. This is the journey humankind must take if we are to have a world that is orderly, responsible, and sane.  Very few people are interested in all this or even care about being free. Freedom has nothing to do with self. Self is in bondage and a slave to thought and all its habits. Love is not a habit that can be practiced.  It is the perfume that makes all things possible with self-interest is set aside. Love is not selective or personal. It is expressed by its own volition.  It is whole and depends on nothing. Selfishness is always dependent on thought and is always trying to be something.  Love is like the air we breathe, free for everyone regardless of skin, color, race, or heritage.  One can’t go to love – it finds you when you are not!


Coach bri

Crazy with Anger

October 31, 2011

He was 17 and no one was going to tell him how to live his life. He was clean and well dressed in the latest styles. His hair was groomed and hands were rough and banged up.

He started off the session:

I am here because my mother said I had to come and see you. But I think she is the one that needs the help.

You are probably right sir. Most parents who force their children to do anything are sowing their own seeds of misery.

I think she means well but she’s always on my case about something.

So how did you get bribed into coming and seeing me?

I didn’t. I said I would do it if she got off my ass about shit!

Okay, so now you’re here and if you like I will tell her you came and you’re off the hook. I don’t see anyone who is forced to see me unless the court orders it.

So I can go?


And you will tell her I came and spoke with you.

Well you did and you are so I’m not going to keep you here resenting that you’re here, to keep your mother happy.  You’re a grown man and I don’t want to tell you that you need help when you think you don’t.

But I might need a little help!

How do you know that? You seem like a bright kid. You present like things are going well for you. Your not in any kind of trouble are you with the law or school?


I didn’t think so!

You probably have a girlfriend and you know how to have safe sex so I doubt there are any problems there either.

No problems there!

Okay so you haven’t thought of hurting yourself in any way have you? Or killing yourself?


Maybe? Can you tell me about maybe?

It’s hard! I’m not sure how or why.

Yes you’re right – this kind of conversation is difficult!

No! Not the conversation! The words to express what I feel!

How do you feel?

Just empty, nothing seems to have any meaning!

Yes, life can be that way sometimes! How long have you felt this way?

I would say for about eighteen months now!

What happened eighteen months ago that you’re finding hard to talk about?

By this time there were tears flowing from his eyes. His big eyelashes seemed to hold a lot of tears and as he blinked on occasion, drops would flicker off his lashes and on to the floor.

Why is it that nothing seems important to me? School is full of stuff that I won’t even use or need in my life and people are mean.

So who is mean to you?

Not me really, I get along fine! People like me because – all kinds of reasons – because I fit their mold. So they’re comfortable with me.

Okay, so no one is mean to you! Are you mean to yourself?

What do you mean by that?

Do you like yourself, the person you are?

What person am I? I don’t even know that?

Know what?

The person I am.

Do you know who you are?

Yes, in a way!

Yeah, what way?

I guess the same way you are.

Which is what?

Oh shit man! Which guy do you want to see?

I like the guy in front of me right now! He is intense and he is questioning, and he’s sad…

I’m more than that.

Like what?

I’m all self-concerned. It’s me! Me! Me! Fucking me, that’s all I care about!

Okay, so good, thank God!

What the hell? Thank God for what?

I thought I was the only one feeling like that, but now I know there is at least two of us!

Shit man, I am all over the place! I am greedy to a fault , angry to a fault, jealous to a fault!!! And horny all day! And I just want to jerk off to porn and play video games all fucking day and just tell the world to fuckoff!!!

Well except for the horny all day stuff I’m with you. Although when my wife around sex still comes to my mind.

I’m not fooling around here! This is real stuff!!

Yes and I see that you mean it! But I still don’t feel any different than you!

Well what am I doing here then!

Maybe you’re making friends?

You’re too old to be my friend anyway!

Well that’s up to you! But how many friends do you have right now?


That you can say all that you said to me?


So we are friends then!

Okay, but you get paid

Yes I do.

Maybe I could end up helping crazies too.

Well my friend, you are far from crazy!

I feel crazy!

People who choose to be crazy don’t know they are. And definitely don’t talk about problems in the sane way you do.

How do you know that?

Those marks on your hands are from hitting walls?

Hey, how did you know?

Because you’re not crazy. You’re angry and when you’re as angry as you, sometimes people choose to do angry things like punch walls!

I don’t want to but I can’t help it!

Well, did you get any more angry than you were today with me?

No, that’s about it, but I wanted to punch the wall!!!

Yes, you wanted to but you made a better choice and you didn’t!

Well why do I feel this way?

Because a lot of what you say is true and you haven’t figured out how to satisfy yourself in a more useful way.

I think I better find some better ways!

See crazy people don’t say that. People who are choosing to crazy don’t self evaluate like you just did.

Maybe my mom was right about seeing you.

Okay. What would you like to do about that?

Eat crow I guess!

Hey eating crow is part of life sometime.

Yeah! I do feel better but shocked.

About what?

The things I said. It just spilled out. I ‘m sorry.

No problem. It happens all the time in here.

I think I should come back.

Okay. Next week?

Sure. Thanks.


Our Minds Are Like the Water

September 13, 2011

There was a penetrating quiet on the lake this evening. Off in the distance one could hear the sound of a loon calling its mate. That haunting yet enchanting sound pulls me back, into the days I was a teenager, full of piss and vinegar. The lake was like glass and one could see and hear a quiet motorboat off in the distance fishing. Every so often one could hear, coming across the water, the squeak of a dock being rocked by waves that quickly lessened in their intensity and rhythmically passed and hit the opposite shore.  Then silence would come again and all the earth seemed to be caught in the balance of that movement.

Why are we occupied with ourselves, morning and night? Thought moves from one thing to the next without tiring. Thought, rooted in the past, is always trying to take charge. by having options about this and that as if they really mean something, when in fact they only divide us from each other.

A warm breeze blew across the lake as it made tiny ripples in the water. One watched as it ascended and moved by. Our minds are like the water and thought is on the surface making some disturbance. We get caught up in the disturbance and forget about the depth and richness of the beauty of the mind. The mind is not Christian, Muslin, or Jew. It does not belong to any system or government or country. It is whole, fresh and undivided. It cannot be corrupted by money, fame, power or self-interest. Human beings spend so little time there because thought is dominant in our lives and we give all importance to it and it is the source of our unhappiness.

Thought can always change the variables in the same set and build another illusion. The difficulty is that the person feels that what one thinks is something new and profound. Then we make it into a reality for ourselves and cling to it because it gives us an image of who and what we think we are.  Any image we have of ourselves disturbs the surface of the mind and we are once again caught in the web of thought. To live without an image of oneself seems impossible and it may be! But to end all images, in yourself and about the other, is to find one’s daily disorder and free the mind from it.  That freedom is not a point of arrival but an act of perceiving one’s own deceptions and illusions without knowing what is true. But is not the breaking of the false the movement toward truth?

Small fish are jumping now in this lake of utter silence and clarity. When the brain is not chattering there to is silence and clarity. These can’t be sought or practiced. If they are, self is there again, following its own interest and cleverly using thought to maintain its own existence. Without the energy of the wind the lake is calm and clear. Without the energy passing through the cells of memory, the brain too is quiet and clear as all thought stops. The ending of the one is the beginning of something thought can’t touch or move towards. Words have no place here and afterwards thought is always trying to break in and capture it.

The sun is setting as it just touches the treetops in the horizon. Another day is slowly coming to an end. We are all in need of renewal every day. To set aside all the things thought has done but then to put meaning to this day is another illusion. Our days have no meaning but what we give to them and there too we are caught in a world of our own making. To face thought and all that it has done, to find peace when we are still at war in ourselves, is the state in which human beings are caught. In a crisis people come together and cooperate to find security, which is needed yet shallow. When we end the images we have of others and ourselves and thought is used only to assist love and compassion, then cooperation will be the intelligent way of living and a human beings shall be free.

The golden light fell upon the distant shore as the flock of geese heading south gave inspiring honks as different leaders took the head spot. The green of the shoreline was vibrant and soft. Another day ends here on this great planet. I am lucky because I love!


Silence to Norway

August 6, 2011

It the still of the night
I find the silence pour into my heart.

I think of the people of Norway and the sorrow one person can stir up.

But soon silence returns and the tears will stop flowing.

One man’s disorder will cause people to question what is important in this life.

May silence fill their hearts and out of her find a place where sorrow ends and freedom begins.

To walk with death everyday and be awake with her is to dance in death’s face.

Let Beautiful Norway Dance