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This blog is dedicated to have you look at something that we as a species have forgotten, that is learning to “read your own book”. The story of all humanity is inside you. The same problems you have now are the same problems that gay chat room we have had throughout the ages.

Who is Coach Bri?

Brian O’Reilly is the father of 4 great kids and husband to Bonnie, whom he loves dearly. He lives in rural South Western Ontario. Brian is a graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic University in Social Work and was inducted into the Ryerson Hall of Fame in 2002 for leadership. Over the past 25 years , he has been working with various organizations, executives, and Olympic athletes as a high performance coach. For the past 15 years , he and his wife Bonnie, have run a treatment group home for emotionally troubled youth.

Facing limitations, Brian was one of the first graduates of Ryerson with Dyslexia. He found ways to learn and succeed in an academic area, by overcoming the challenges of this learning disability. Brian had to figure out his environment and a way to succeed from the inside – out. He focused on enhancing the quality of his experience and developed the relationships he needed to accomplish his goals. This has produced a level of leadership and insight that has acted as a catalyst in helping many people and organizations to achieve greater levels of quality and success.


I dream of a world where children are cared about because parents stay together and work on their marriage and not each other. I dream of a world where conflict in people’s lives is no longer, where we stop participating in religion and politics as a means to avoid change and embracing our universality. I dream of a world where we stop giving thinking such great importance, and relationship and compassion are the beginning and ending of all our behaviour. A world where we no longer practice external psychology and our neurotic beliefs in nationalism that always ends up in war. I seek to create a world where people see their behaviour as a choice, and move in the direction of connecting to those we care about and need to care about. I seek to give a damn about the things I am told not to, where our government spends the peoples’ mone free adult chat rooms y on the homeless, the jobless, and the weak.At age 17 I started a movement called Human Potential Plus, an organization dedicated to setting human beings free from the externally conditioned psychology of self or ego. Today we are facing the most crippling of all human atrocities, that human brain chemistry has gone wrong and created things like bipolar disease, depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, or many other mental illnesses. The pharmaceutical companies and doctors have the authority to cripple the human race. These chemicals will get into our genes causing brain damage and creating human beings dependent on drugs for life, just so some pharmaceutical company becomes rich.

I offer workshops that teach people how to set their conditioning of external psychology aside and learn an internal psychology. One of our deepest conditioning of external psychology is indecision through information overload. This is there to distract you from how you feel about things. Human beings are not machines – we feel things. Our behaviour is driven by how we feel and think. In the world of business people are rendered ineffective because they practice external psychology in their job. Marriages and our schools are weak and leave people practicing the external control habits, producing unhappy, non-learning experiences. We are alive to learn what is worth knowing. If what I know doesn’t improve the quality of the relationship in my life, then I am a learned ignoramus.

The letters after my name, the large bank account, hanging with powerful people, all the things that I use to define myself, are all external psychology conditioning used to escape my sense of inner poverty. The world is impoverished because the people who have the power to change it are destitute in their own hearts. We can change the world if we change the state of our own brain. I teach businesses, schools, marriages, teams, and individuals internal psychology. Human beings have evolved in the area of technology but have not evolved in their psychology. This is where change must occur if we are to get along and solve our personal and global problems. Please help me to teach what I teach so you can teach others too. Please pass this on to friends and check out brianoreilly.ca

Coach bri

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