Creative awareness

It was a very quiet evening, sitting in the wing chair on the front porch, there seem to be a stillness in the earth. Every once in a while I would hear a creek in the old house and it would grab my attention. Then my mind would become again silent without any movement. When thought remains quiet, not through any practice of meditation or will creative awareness operates. Thinking whatever thoughts one thinks is a process of language created by experience, memory and is always limited. Creative awareness which is love, it is not a movement of thinking and is without limit. Thinking is always trying to find an answer, and the self is always active trying to keep itself in motion by constantly judging, comparing, analyzing as a means to understand. Understanding only breaks out in the brain if is quiet and perceiving the totality of the situation. Self with all its content, its images is always trying to put things in a way that fulfils its own prejudice. To be free of one’s own prejudice is one of the most difficult things to do especially in relationship. The ego self with all its problems is always trying to hide from the conflict that it has created and then denies it! Not being able to solve the problems in one’s daily living the disordered brain cascades into dreams. Dreaming is the brain trying to bring order into itself and if it can’t one is unable to sleep. If we have not understood our daily living and watch our inner ugliness and brutality or our self interest the source of our disorders is carried into our sleep. Rather than waking up rejuvenated one wakes up and feels exhausted. Analyzing dreams becomes another tomfoolery of the intellect! That intellect is just a more refined respectable version of the ego self. However clever it may be,it disguises the disorder that it causes through arrogance and feeling of superiority. It is the well educated, the experts who have taken humanity on its present course. However brilliant one may be that does not lead to wisdom! Wisdom is create awareness in motion without direction or motive. It is a movement that build and rebuilds connection without the effort of self interest. Knowledge is valuable in technological things that brings forth innovation, and all knowledge is rooted in the pass through the present and is useful when it is preceded by love and compassion. Without love, compassion and creative awareness our daily lives become a contradiction. As nightfall deepens the little porch takes on a chill. The body needing warmth becomes restless and soon thought rushes in and the chattering of thought starts up again!

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