The time to regroup

I have not written in some time, it’s not that I have been busy or had something else better to do. The true reason is I was taking the time to do a lot of reassessment. To take my own inventory and look at all my external psychology that I practice and feel the misery and the loneliness of the human condition. Because I am significantly learning-disabled, I always have to get someone to look over my work and then I have to get them to correct my spelling mistakes. Writing is such a difficult thing for me to do and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do it. And most the time I find myself writing for myself anyway because I don’t find that there are too many people very interested in internal psychology. Now I have a new Dragon dictate program and I think it will be of greater use to me. So I will begin writing more, please forgive my absence if there’s anyone out there that gets anything out of all this. Even if I am writing for one person it makes this worthwhile. Now I’ll be able to do it more independently and not burden Peter with the work. While if I get stumped off still have to use Peter.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Keep them coming!

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