Video – The Medicated Child

Below is a link to an informative video produced by PBS three years ago about the increasing use of psychotropic medication in the treatment of children.

Human Potential Plus would like to add the disclaimer that it does not believe in the existence of bipolar disease, which is spoken of at length in the video.


2 responses to “Video – The Medicated Child”

  1. John. says:

    Yikes, I felt nauseous watching this program. What are they doing to those kids?

  2. Coach Bri says:

    Yes this is the next thing mankind has to face. Drug companies are now putting chemicals in our food and not checking them out for harmful effects. The FDA even in Health Canada members are on the pay role of drug companies. How can people trust these drug companies they are the new Gestapo. They have already killed 3x as many people world wide that died in world war 2, plus impaired millions more. It is getting to the point where one out of every two people will be on some type of medication. In the last year alone drug stores and drug companies had record profits during the last recession. Shoppers drug mart and Rexall and others are going up everywhere. Human being refuse to look inside and fix the relationships with internal psychology. We would rather have a mental disorder and blame our lives on that, instead of using self evaluation as a tool for change and happiness. Once this gets into our genes we will raise children who have no MORAL conscious , and their will be little Hitlers that grow into BIG Hitlers. John it is happening. I deal with kids who were on meds for a made up illness called ADHD and Bipolar they are now having children and these poor kids will live most of their lives locked up in prisons. But the damage these kids do and they show no remorse, none at all is scary. So they put them on more drugs to manage them , and I wonder who benefits from that . So rule stay away from shrinks and people pushing drugs. check out book Psychiatry the Science of Lies Or Psychiatry May Be Hazardous to Your Health


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