Love is a Radical State of Being

Howick-berries 20101023-00079It was a great warm day for October. The leaves performed a ballet in the gentle wind. The beauty of the colors in such high contrast took one out of oneself for some time. I felt the woods and how it spoke to me. The cords of my heart were strung so softly, reminding me of the beauty of death and the release of love.

Everything in nature reaches its potential. As they die the leaves change color and beautify the landscape.  Even the evergreens look more majestic intermixed with all the maples and oaks and shrubbery.  As the seasons change the intelligence of the earth is tireless and without any self-concern. It takes what we throw at it and will cleanse itself of all our abuses. This truly is love. Love is never about acquiring someone or something, it simply is.  It is never full of duty or expectation. It is an overused word and underplayed in action and will always be so when love is the result of the thinking process. One can’t think oneself to love and the jealous, the greedy, and the powerful can never know her.

Love is a radical state of being that cannot be found in anyone’s vision of will or practice. As a person seeks to practice mindfulness (the propaganda of the present day) it can never bring about the state of love. Mindfulness can bring about a more orderly society, which is much needed. But that state of mindfulness is but a shadow of the thing that is love and therefore mindfulness is limited.

Once the leaf is cut from the source, the tree, it falls to the ground and dries up.  One can’t come to love through any practice, for the entity that takes up the practice is the same entity that creates all the disorder in oneself and the world.  The death of the ego self is the only thing that brings about order, and that order is death itself. Only in death is there true transformation and renewal. That renewal is the leaf that falls to the forest floor without any drama or self-assertion. The leaves and their death are food for the next generation born out of decay and the ashes of time. Death is everywhere, in any moment we can not only die a physical death, but that is the natural state of things.

Howick-seeds 20101012-00055Psychological death is what is behind all the spiritual movements but they have tied themselves to the chain of rituals, traditions, and ceremonies in order to bring about a sense of security. Love is the living movement of wisdom and the glue of truth. That movement is venerable and completely insecure and never do the two ever meet. To sit in the forest and watch the life of it and see that I am the intruder, opens the mind to something beyond the petty little self the I is. Like the tree that drops its leaves in the fall, we need to drop all that self is, not looking for an outcome of something better. For the vain pursuit of self is always to become something more powerful, more aware, more loving, or more enlightened.

As one moves out of the stillness and benediction of the forest, self seeks to claw its way back up from the cavern of my brain.  Self’s job is to kill attention through being inattentive. A human being is the only thing on the planet that takes thought and gives it qualities that it doesn’t possess. When we are inattentive to thought all disorder begins and sustains itself. If each thought is cut from the source, thought loses all its importance and the brain is silent with itself because it is empty. That emptiness is a renewal and in the ashes of that death something new is and happy are those who find it.


2 responses to “Love is a Radical State of Being”

  1. Teresa says:

    “Self’s job is to kill attention through being inattentive.”

    Hi Bri,
    Does the sentence above imply that ADHD may be a coping mechanism? I’m asking because my boyfriend’s daughter has the label. She was exposed to inappropriate behaviour in her mother’s home. Could the mental activity be a form of escapism?
    I would appreciate your insight.

  2. Coachbri says:

    I think this is absolutely true what you are saying is what self does in order to distract itself from its trouble state of mind. Attention deficit disorder is people inability to attend especially in our schools with regards to learning. The drug companies have identified the term ADHD which reflects also a hyperactive child and made it into a mental illness. this is of course a pack of lies in order for drug companies to sell their medication. I have worked with hundreds of people with the ADHD label and never have them tell me that there ADH gets in the way when they’re playing video games or do something that they find that is highly pleasurable. There is no ADHD in Vegas or when having sex people seem to be able to attend completely. children often who come from backgrounds where they are externally controlled assert themselves in schools where external control is practice on them by simply not paying attention. if the education system can make it about the child, and the parents can make it about the child rather than the unmet needs at home then we have a scapegoat. it’s not the fact that our education system isn’t teaching need fulfilling things, and it’s not the fact that as a parent I’m not meeting my child me, the problem is the child has a mental illness which I think is all lies.

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